Chicken Curry Soup – 142

Soups & Chowders

Last weekend Eric and I went to our favorite book store in Nashville, McKay’s Used Books. It is the best place to spend a few hours, spend very little money and come home with a ton of fun. They have used DVDs, books, audio books, video games, and (Eric’s favorite) vinyl albums. He usually spends […]

May 23, 2011

Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna – 143

Pasta, Vegetarian

Yesterday Eric and I took a trip to the new Whole Foods that just opened in our area. It’s actually a new location for the Whole Foods that we’ve been visiting for years. Yesterday was the Grand Opening – how could we resist? We made a big list, loaded up the car with our canvas […]

May 20, 2011

Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Burgers – 145

Burgers, Poultry

First I have to apologize for being so behind in my postings! The Tuesday after the Rhett show in Darien, GA I woke up with a terrible cold. This was the first cold I’ve had in almost 3 years and it really kicked my butt. That, coupled with helping Eric launch his new book AND […]

April 25, 2011

Roasted Veggie & Baby Greens Salad – 146

Sides & Salads

Last weekend I was in Darien, GA with the Rhett Akins band for a concert at the Blessing Of The Fleet. Darien is a beautiful place, I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in the area. The people were super nice and took great care of us. Our dinner was provided at a local […]

April 5, 2011

Pasta Sauce – 147

Pasta, Poultry

Last week a friend of mine posted a comment on facebook that she was cooking a big “gravy” (apparently that is Italian for “sauce”) complete with meatballs and sausage. This sounded pretty good to me, not too healthy ( 🙄 ), but good. Also, since I don’t eat beef or pork I would be leaving […]

March 28, 2011

Turkey Meatloaf – 152


I love meatloaf, it’s one of those “comfort foods” that makes me think of being a kid. Meatloaf when I was growing up was ground beef and sometimes a mixture of ground beef and pork. My mother usually added a few strips of bacon on the top, because there wasn’t enough meat in there already […]

February 15, 2011

General Normand Tso’s Chicken – 153


I know, there really is no such person as Normand Tso..sue me! I used to love getting Chinese take out. That is until an hour or so after finishing the food, that’s when some very unpleasant effects would start 🙁 No problem, I’ve conquered  Spicy Peanut Noodles and Chicken Teriyaki, why not try the General’s […]

February 1, 2011

Mexican Stir Fry – 161


This is one of my favorite recipes. It’s super fast, really good for you and takes very little time to cook. Of course, having my prep cook (I mean sous chef 🙂 ) chopping up the veggies first is a big help! Even if you don’t have your own sous chef, it’s still a really […]

December 18, 2010