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Whole Grain



Whole GrainsWhole Wheat Bread




These are all "whole grain":

Whole Wheat Whole Oats Whole-grain Corn Popcorn
Whole Wheat Pasta Brown Rice Whole Rye Whole Grain Barley
Buckwheat Wile Rice Bulgur (cracked wheat) Millet

Some equivalents for grains:


Amount that counts as 1 ounce equivalent of grains
Common portions and ounce equivalents
1 “mini” bagel
1 large bagel = 4 ounce equivalents
100% Whole wheat
1 regular slice
1 small slice French
4 snack-size slices rye bread
2 regular slices = 2 ounce equivalents
cracked wheat
½ cup cooked
100% whole wheat, rye
5 whole wheat crackers
2 rye crispbreads
English muffins
whole wheat
½ muffin
1 muffin = 2 ounce equivalents
whole wheat
bran, corn
1 small (2 ½” diameter)
1 large (3 ½” diameter) = 3 ounce equivalents
½ cup cooked
1 packet instant
1 ounce dry (regular or quick)
Whole wheat, buckwheat
1 pancake (4 ½” diameter)
2 small pancakes (3” diameter)
3 pancakes (4 ½” diameter) = 3 ounce equivalents
3 cups, popped
1 microwave bag, popped = 4 ounce equivalents (read the label - watch for fat content.)
Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal
Toasted oat, whole wheat flakes
1 cup flakes or rounds
Brown, wild
½ cup cooked
1 ounce dry
1 cup cooked = 2 ounce equivalents
Pasta--spaghetti, macaroni, noodles
Whole wheat
½ cup cooked
1 ounce dry
1 cup cooked = 2 ounce equivalents
Whole wheat, whole grain corn
1 small flour tortilla (6” diameter)
1 corn tortilla (6” diameter)
1 large tortilla (12” diameter) = 4 ounce equivalents


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