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In the past year, I have started to realize how I feel after eating a meal with beef or pork. I feel heavy and bloated. I've also been reading and researching a lot about the unsustainable way most cows and hogs are raised on factory farms; and the amounts of antibiotics and hormones used in beef production.

I urge you to decide for yourselves. Read, search the internet, watch documentaries such as Food, Inc. and others. Check out the Links page for some places to get started on your research.

If you eat beef and pork, I hope you enjoy these recipes as is. If not; what I do is substitute ground turkey or chicken (99% fat free) for the ground beef and turkey tenderloin or boneless skinless chicken breast for the recipes calling for beef or pork cubes.


Kelly's Famous Chili
Healthy Tacos
Beef Stroganoff
Lasagna Pie
Chinese Red Pork



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